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    RENPHO Smart Jump Rope, Bluetooth

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    • Most convenient cardio exercise: With RENPHO smart jump rope, you can get a more efficient, more low-cost, and happier cardio exercise. The jump rope is lightweight and portable, it is a gift for women to be flexibly used indoors or outdoors. Keep workouts, it will help you keep a fit body and effectively improve cardiopulmonary functions and endurance.
    • Reach fitness goal with APP Renpho Health: Our fitness skipping rope can connect with our APP Renpho Health that can easily analyze and track your periodic workout data. You can grasp your skip time, total skip number, calories burned, and tangles to reach your fitness goal at any time.
    • Three smart jump rope modes: The workout jump ropes have 3 shipping modes to choose from (free jump/time countdown/numbers countdown). Our jump rope is a built-in chip and is equipped with 3 sensitive & precise Hall sensors that can count for every jumping data correctly and ensure data accuracy.
    • Adjustable PVC steel wire rope: The jumping rope counter adopts 3M/9.85FT PVC steel wire rope that is durable and non-tangling. The PVC-wrapped steel rope can be suitable for almost any kind of floor like floor tile, wooden. No need for cutting and can adjust quickly.
    • Clear LCD display & comfortable foam handle: Our jump ropes for fitness for men are equipped with a lightweight foam handle that is made from friendly environmental ABS with EVA material. The foam handles give you comfortable touch and non-slip when exercising, Also, the main handle is embedded with an HD LCD display that provides users a clear view of the rope skipping data, like skip time or total skips.

    Product Description

    Size 7.1" x 0.8" x 0.8" 8.7" x 5.9" x 1.6" 2.6''x2.4'' B08JCLKHHW
    Power type 2*AAA Batteries(included) 2*AAA Batteries(included) 1* CR2032 Battery(included) AC 100-240V
    Use with APP Renpho Health APP Renpho Health APP Renpho App AI Gym APP
    Highlights High-speed Jump Rope & 2pcs Adjustable rope provided & Smart & free APP analysis& Easy storage on the go Support Cordless jump & jump rope & Smart App Connect & 3 Comfort Fitness Modes &Durable PVC Protect Sleeve & Adjustable jump rope length Record & track data with chart in RENPHO App, great for bodybuilder, muscle gain, weight loss, tailoring Personalized Al Programs&Auto Resistance Work with Zwift&Professional Cycling Coach&FTP Power Training&Sync with Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor&Track Your Real-Time Data.
    Measure range 10m 10m 0''- 60'' 0-265 lbs
    Rope included 2 × Ropes (Thickness: 2.5mm & 4.5mm) 1 Pair of cordless ball & 1 Steel wire rope / /
    Handle sleeve material Aluminum alloy Silicone / /
    Weight 0.81lb/370g 0.95lb/430g / /
    Safety Auto shut-off Auto Timer: 200s Auto Timer: 200s / /

    Reach Your Goals With Renpho Health

    Easy To Set Up:
    1. Search and download Renpho Health APP from Apple Store / Google Play to download APP.
    2. System Requirement: IOS 7 and above, Android 4.3 and above.
    3. Register or Login. Please complete the info to get accurate workout data. Users can log in with a new account or directly log in with the Renpho APP account.
    4. Connect device(Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and the device, Make sure the device and mobile phone are within the reception range of Bluetooth, Click "Connect').
    5. Device settings/Rebind device(Click Device settings on the "Me" page to enter the device settings page list, Click "Rebind" to unbind the current device).


    • Wireless reception & Connect range : Bluetooth 4.0 & 10m
    • System Requirement: IOS 7+, Android 4.3+
    • Handle size: 1.34*7.56inch
    • Rope Length: 3M/9.85FT
    • Weight: About 300g (includes 2 batteries)
    • LCD Display: 15*22mm
    • Accuracy standard: ±2
    • Record: The past 7 days daily data


    3 Sensitive & Precise Hall Sensors

    • RENPHO workout jump ropes are different from other double hall sensors on the market.
    • Our smart jump rope is a built-in Bluetooth smart high-performance chip and is equipped with 3 sensitive and precise Hall sensors with a unique algorithm.
    • The precise Hall sensors can ensure data accuracy and count for your jumping data correctly.

    Clear LCD Display screen

    • The Fitness Skipping Rope is equipped with an HD LCD display, size: 15*22mm.
    • It provides users a clear view of the rope skipping data.
    • You also can see three shipping modes on it, Free Jump, Time Countdown, and Numbers Countdown.

    Adjustable & Durable PVC Steel Wire Rope

    • The Jumping Rope Counter adopts in 3M/9.85FT PVC Steel Wire Rope that is durable and non-tangling.
    • This rope is wrapped with enhanced PVC material, it is suitable for almost any kind of floor like concrete floor, Floor tile, wooden, and cobbled road.
    • You don’t need to cut the rope and can easily and quickly adjust the length according to your height.

    Comfortable and Non-slip Foam Handle

    1. Our jump ropes for fitness for men are designed with a lightweight foam handle.
    2. The foam handles are made from high-quality ABS with EVA material.
    3. It can provide you with comfortable touch and it is non-slip when exercising.

    360° Flexible Turn Head

    1. There is a flexible turn head in each handle, you just need to complete a 360°-rotation, the Hall sensors will count one jumped.
    2. This turn head has the features of stability and fluency, it has an excellent performance in speed and doesn’t get stuck.
    3. Also, the Bearing life can up to 10 million revolutions.

    How To Install The Battery

    1. Open the battery cover of the functional main handle.
    2. Insert 2 pieces AAA Batteries(box included);
    3. Close the battery cover. (If the red LCD light is on, it means the battery has around 3% power left. Please replace the battery.)

    Box includes:

    RENPHO Smart Jump Rope, Bluetooth

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