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    RENPHO Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Cuff

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    • VOICE GUIDANCE: With one touch, the voice function of RENPHO blood pressure machine guides you through the measurement process and broadcasts the results in a pure American English accent. The volume can be adjusted or set to mute, making it user-friendly for the elderly or people with poor eyesight.
    • HIGH ACCURACY: The readings start when the cuff begins to expand, ensuring accurate measurements with a margin of error of only 3mmHg for blood pressure and 5% for pulse.
    • 500-RECORD STORAGE & WEEKLY LOG: Suitable for home use, this unit has 2 user settings that store up to 250 readings for each user. Simply press the report button to display a trend graph of the last 7 days of measurements, making it easier to monitor your health.
    • IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT DETECTOR: The blood pressure monitor detects and alerts you to heart rhythm irregularities while measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Warning symbols will appear on the measurement results page if detected.
    • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Our upper arm blood pressure monitor has a 5.7-inch backlit LCD screen larger than others, an adjustable and comfortable soft blood pressure cuff (8.7-16.5 inches/22-42 cm), a storage pouch for easy carrying or storage, and supports two charging methods with included 4 AA batteries and a USB cable.
    • Note: Non-Bluetooth. Not available with app connection.

    Product Description

    Monitor Blood Pressure with Ease

    Premium Features for Display and Icons

    • Heartbeat: Flashes when detected during measurement.
    • Irregular heartbeat: If the symbol appears often, we recommend you seek medical advice.
    • Average value: Appears when viewing the average value of the past 7 days in memory mode.
    • Excessive body motion detector: Appears when talking, moving, or shaking of the arm with the cuff on is detected during measurement.
    • Cuff wearing OK detector: Appears when the cuff is wrapped well.

    One Monitor for Long-term Health

    Histogram display of the week measurements

    Measurement reports for the last 7 days and average values

    X-axis: Represents the time. (from left to right, from Sunday to Saturday)

    Y-axis: Represents the average value of systolic (high) pressure and diastolic (low) pressure of the specified period each day.

    Voice Guidance: Pure American Accent & 3-sound Level

    User-friendly for the Elderly and Blurred Vision


    Q1: What are the dangers of high blood pressure?

    A1: If hypertension is not effectively controlled over a long period of time, it will cause continuous damage to the heart, brain, kidneys, arteries and other organs, eventually leading to serious complications such as myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, kidney failure and atherosclerosis, posing a great threat to life and health.

    Q2: Why are the blood pressure values measured in the hospital different from those measured at home?

    A2: Blood pressure changes throughout the 24 hours and is not fixed. Blood pressure measurements can be affected by a variety of factors such as environment, measurement posture, emotional state, and time of day. Therefore, you should remain relaxed and quiet before taking the measurement.

    Q3: Is the result the same if measured on the right arm?

    A3: It is ok for both arms, but there will be some different results for different people. It is recommended that you measure the same arm every time.

    Q4: When is the best time to measure blood pressure?

    A4: Measured in the morning on an empty stomach: when you first get up in the morning, your body is not affected by the outside world and your body is in a stable condition.

    Measuring blood pressure at night before going to bed: The body is in a more relaxed state before going to bed.

    Measure blood pressure 2-3 hours after taking antihypertensive medication: For patients with hypertension, measuring blood pressure two or three hours after taking medication can reflect whether the medication is effective and how long it lasts.

    RENPHO Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Cuff

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