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    Projector Screen 120", Anti-crease

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    • Wrinkle Free Material - The 120 inch projector screen used soft touch and stretchy thick polyester fiber material to ensure wrinkle free after folded or compressed, providing clearer images, brighter colors and no color cast. Please be assured that all of our outdoor movie screen will undergo rigorous quality inspection process before sending out, so there will be no any spots on the screen to affect the viewing experience and is thick enough that you can't see what's behind it.
    • 160° Wider Viewing Angle - The outside projector screen with a wide viewing angle up to 160° and 120 inch big size, that means you don’t need to sit directly in front of the screen, just only need to select the most comfortable viewing posture to enjoy wonderful movie night. Even if you want to invite your neighbors or friends to watch the movie together, it will not look crowded, because our portable projector screen supports double-sided projection, no need to worry about crowds anymore.
    • Portable and Easy Installation - This video projection screens can be folded in small size and put it in your backpack or suitcase without any damage, and then take it to wherever you want with storage bag. Most important, this movie screen for outdoor use coming with all the necessary tools(hooks,ropes and stickers), just need 5 minutes to set up, and the whole process was not complicated, can be done by yourself.
    • Wide Application - The indoor projector screen with good pictures quality and lightweight design is not only suitable for indoor, such as home theater, education, presentation, lectures, offices, classroom or gaming etc, but also for outdoor use. What’s more, our home projector screen also can be used as a gift to your family, friends, lovers, as enhance relationship by sharing viewing experiences or talking about the plot in the movie night or some important occasion(Thanksgiving, Christmas).
    • Professional After-sales Service - Comes with 1 rear projector screen , 2 * 5 meters ropes and 16 pcs hooks. Note: please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about our tv projector screen, then we will make every effort to resolve it for you. . And this video projector screen foldable only can be wash by hand, not by machine.


    Product Description

    The resolution of the projector determines the clarity of the image. Depending on the lighting conditions of the usage environment, choose a brighter projector to ensure that the image is clearly visible. A projection screen display the overall effect, but a good projector is key.

    Wide Viewing Angle: Screens with a broad viewing angle ensure that viewers seated at various positions can see the content clearly without significant distortion or loss of image quality. An excellent choice is a screen with at least a 160-degree viewing angle.

    Material Durability: Since the screen won't have its own frame or stand, the durability of the screen material itself becomes even more critical. Look for a high-quality, tear-resistant material that can withstand frequent folding and unfolding without losing image quality.

    Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

    Ensure that the foldable screen meets your desired screen size and aspect ratio requirements, whether it's 16:9 or another format. Make sure it's suitable for your projection needs.

    Considerations When Choosing a Projector Screen

    Screen Size: Select an appropriate screen size based on the viewing distance and available space.

    Remember that Whether for home theater, educational purposes, business presentations, or entertainment, selecting the right projector screen is essential for delivering a captivating visual experience.

    Portable and Ironable Design

    This screen boasts a convenient one-piece, lightweight, and foldable design. Easily fold it into a compact size and stow it in your backpack or suitcase for hassle-free storage and portability. This projector screen can be ironed for a smooth and wrinkle-free surface.

    Hand & Machine Washing

    this projector screen is washable by hand or machine, providing you with convenient cleaning options




    Projector Screen 120", Anti-crease

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