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    Primeval Labs Apesh*t Test PR w/ PrimaVie®

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    Set New Benchmarks of Excellence in the Gym and in the Bedroom

    • 600mg ashwagandha extract

    • 200mg PrimaVie® purified shilajit

    • 500mg organic maca root

    • 250mg tribulus terrestris

    The quest for record-shattering workouts and gains in size and strength is never ending for the committed athlete. Even after building appreciable levels of muscle size (you know, the point where it looks like you actually lift), the hardcore gym rat continues his pursuit of excellence.

    The “basics” (diet, training, creatine, etc.) can take you far, but if you’ve already got the basics covered, what else is there for the modern man seeking more?

    Ape Sh*t Test PR is your solution.

    It contains a powerful combination of natural anabolics to set new benchmarks of excellence in the gym, on the stage, and in the bedroom!

    Primeval Labs Apesh*t Test PR w/ PrimaVie®

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