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    Nutrex Research EAA Hydration | 8G Essential Amino Acids + Electrolytes

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    • BEST EAA SUPPLEMENT: Not only is this a full spectrum EAA profile consisting of all 9 Essential Amino Acids but it also contains 6g of BCAAs making this a superior advanced recovery intra and post workout product compared to the stand alone BCAA supplement
    • RESEARCHED PROVEN 2:1:1 RATIO OF BCAAs: Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) 3G Leucine, 1.5G Isoleucine and 1.5G Valine supports helps prevent muscle breakdown during workouts, muscle repair and aids in post-workout recovery
    • LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH: When taken intra-workout or post-workout, EAAs has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, leading to better gains in lean muscle growth and recovery
    • INCREASE MUSCLE ENDURANCE: Hydration complex made of Coconut Water, Taurine and Albion minerals to refuel and rehydrate and keep your training going along with 50mg of clinically researched AstraGin to further enhance amino acid and mineral uptake
    • SUGAR FREE: Best tasting EAA / BCAA formula for men and women to help boost athletic performance, aid in muscle recovery and growth with zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs

    Product Description

    EAA + Hydration

    Short Description

    EAA+ HYDRATION is the ultimate superfuel for your muscles. Essential Amino Acids repair and build muscles while electrolytes ensure that your muscles stay functional at the highest level.

    EAA+ HYDRATION is ideal for training to enhance muscle performance, strength and endurance or after your workout to refuel, rehydrate and rebuild faster.

    Our carefully selected hydration complex of vital electrolytes, coconut water and Albion minerals will ensure that your muscles keep performing even under tough workout conditions.

    EAA+ Hydration is a more complete sports drink for the most demanding athlete. Perfect for Cycling, Running, Gym Workouts, Crossfit, Swimming, or any activity that causes a lot of muscle strain and dehydration.


    • Complete Essential Amino Acids
    • Hydration Complex with Electrolytes
    • Recover faster: Repair muscle damage from prolonged and extreme sports & fitness activites
    • Endurance: last longer, go further, go harder.
    • Easy to mix: smoother more balanced mix that can be adjusted to need or taste.
    • Great tasting flavors.
    • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
    • 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar, 0 Calories
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    What EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) Pre-Workout Supplement Muscle Builder Multivitamin Creatine
    Benefits Muscle Recovery, Growth and Endurance Increase Energy, Muscle Pumps, Endurance and Recovery Supports Increasing Muscle Protein Synthesis, Muscle Growth and Recovery Advanced Sports Multivitamin to support overall health and energy Supports Muscle Growth, Strength, Performance
    Nutrex Research EAA Hydration | 8G Essential Amino Acids + Electrolytes

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