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    AILE Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Large Cuff(8.7"-16.5"Adjustable)

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    • [Accurate and Fast Blood Pressure machine] Each AILE blood pressure machine is individually calibrated, using Dutch high-precision chips and state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure unparalleled accuracy for every device. AILE blood pressure monitors provide reliable diastolic and systolic pressures, as well as heart rate in just 30 seconds. Blood pressure ±3mmHg, pulse ±5%. Accurate and fast, you deserve to have it!
    • [Easy-to-Use and Read Blood Pressure machine] The AILE blood pressure monitor features a simple design - just put on the cuff, press the start button, and it works automatically, making it easy and fast to use. With a large LED electronic screen, bold fonts, and a screen angle designed for optimal viewing, it offers a very comfortable reading experience. AILE blood pressure machine is accessible for elderly people to use and read without any obstacles.
    • [Large Pressure Cuff for Universal Use] The AILE blood pressure machine comes with an adjustable large cuff, suitable for upper arm sizes ranging from 8.7″ to 16.5″. The strong Velcro around the pressure cuff allows for easy adjustments and prevents slipping during measurements. The blood pressure cuff is made of high-quality dust-resistant material, finely crafted, comfortable on the skin, and easy to clean. The AILE blood pressure machine ensures your health is well taken care of!
    • [Memory Function Blood Pressure Machine] The AILE blood pressure machine can automatically store 99 measurement values for 2 users (total of 198 readings), each with a timestamp, allowing you to review historical data and track changes in blood pressure and heart rate. One blood pressure monitor can be used by two individuals at the same time! The AILE blood pressure monitor is a great choice for families!
    • [High-Value Blood Pressure Machine] The AILE blood pressure monitor is developed and sold from our own factory, offering maximum cost savings. We also build the high quality! Our chief engineering designer is from the United States; Chips are sourced from advanced Dutch technology; the casing is made of high-density ABS material, durable, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing!
    • [Portable Travel Blood Pressure Monitor for home use] The AILE blood pressure monitor is compact and lightweight, suitable for use at home, in the office, or while traveling. It is Climate neutral certified by ClimatePartner, making it more energy-efficient. The BP monitor kit includes: 1 blood pressure machine, 1*large cuff, 1*blood pressure indicator card, 1*instruction manual, 1*USB cable (powered by 4*AAA batteries, batteries and adapter not included). 24-hour customer service available!

    Product Description

    AILE Blood Pressure machine (Monitors blood pressure and heart rate)


    • 2023 Newest
    • Accurate & Fast
    • Easy to Read and Use
    • Accessibility for Seniors
    • 2*99 Memory User
    • Large cuff for large arms up to 16.5" (Widely applicable)
    • Small and Portable

    AILE Home Blood Pressure machine 2023 New Version.

    AILE has focused on research and development of medical equipment for many years, with independent sales and R&D capabilities. Blood Pressure machine is one of the mature products in our factory, which has been sold to all over the world. AILE Blood Pressure machine currently has over 10 million satisfied customers, and it is still increasing!

    Why do we need a home blood pressure monitor?

    Why do we need a home blood pressure monitor?

    • High blood pressure is now a common condition, especially in the elderly. And more commonly in middle-aged people in recent years.
    • Elevated blood pressure can lead to many complications, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks or other serious illnesses. Testing blood pressure at home can be an effective way to prevent and check our blood pressure.
    • The American Heart Association (AHA) and other organisations recommend that anyone with high blood pressure monitor their blood pressure at home. Home monitoring can help you keep track of your blood pressure in a familiar environment and make sure your medications are working. It helps keep track of your treatment.
    • Disperses the risk of [hidden hypertension]. Blood pressure that is normal when measured in hospital but increases when measured at home, especially at night.
    • Dispersing [White coat hypertension] (in-office hypertension) means that your blood pressure is elevated when measured in hospital, but normal when measured at home.
    • This is because of the limited number of measurements and time available at the hospital or clinic. Home monitoring can help you keep track of your blood pressure levels in a familiar environment.
    • Self-monitoring can reduce the number of times you have to go to the doctor or clinic. Thus reducing your medical costs. This is why you should always have a blood pressure monitor at home.

    Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine with a adjustable cuff for small arms or big arms.

    Why buy a AILE blood pressure machine?

    1. [Simple and fast]. One button design, it works automatically after pressing the start button, wait 30 seconds to get the blood pressure value and heart rate.

    2. [Advanced and accurate]. The Aloha blood pressure machine uses an advanced Dutch chip, combined with the most advanced algorithm in 2023, the highest quality construction design, and intelligent inflation technology to give you fast and accurate reliable readings.

    3. [Blood pressure machine with automatic recording]. The Aloha blood pressure machine automatically records your blood pressure values after measurement. And it can record up to 99 data for 2 users (2*99 users). Easy to observe historical data. Much easier to use than a manual blood pressure machine.

    4. [Adjustable cuff]. After our extensive data study of Americans, there is a wide range of arm thicknesses. We have designed an adjustable cuff that can measure arm circumference from 8.7" - 16.5" (22 cm - 42 cm) in the upper arm. It can be used for both small and large arms. Comes with an illustrated instruction booklet.

    5. [Large, easy-to-read screen]. The screen of the Aloha blood pressure machine is designed with large numbers and a large screen. And the screen is tilted to meet the best viewing angle. It is suitable for all ages and the elderly can read and use it without any obstacles.

    Super Simple Blood Pressure Machine

    AILE Blood Pressure machine one button design, press the start button to start working. 30s later automatically display systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time and user (Automatic recording)

    High Quality:Dutch Advanced Chip

    For quality we use the best Dutch premium chips in the world! Using 2023's most advanced algorithms to ensure you get accurate and reliable blood pressure values. We want to ensure both quality and a reasonable offer and hassle-free experience.

    Battery or Micro USB dual-use Blood Pressure Machine

    • The AILE blood pressure Machine can be used with a Micro USB (included in the package) or with 4 AAA batteries installed (not included). You can connect devices such as adapters (not included), rechargeables, or laptops.
    • No need to worry about power failure or no batteries.

    How To Use AILE Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    BP monitor use step 1

    Wrap the cuff around your left upper arm and bring it in line with your heart.

    BP monitor use step 2

    Wrap the cuff around the upper arm of the left hand, making sure the cuff is about 0.8-1.2 inches (2-3 cm) above the elbow.

    BP monitor use step 3

    Keep the slit. Insert a gap of at least two fingers between the cuff and the arm (to prevent excessive pressure on the arm during inflation).

    BP monitor use step 4

    Sit up straight and relax. Keep the cuff at the same level as your heart and remain quiet (Don't move). Press the "Start/Stop" button, the device will automatically inflate to start measurement and wait for the result after 30S.

    2 User Mode

    The AILE blood pressure machine can record up to 99 independent data from 2 users simultaneously (2*99). Data is automatically recorded after each measurement (with time stamp). It is convenient for you to review your measurements and observe the change of data. More convenient than a manual blood pressure machine.

    Common reasons for inaccurate measurements.

    1. The cuff is too tight or too loose. When measuring blood pressure, the cuff should be tightened appropriately. Too tight or too loose will have a greater effect on the blood pressure value (it is best to keep 2 fingers free between the cuff and the arm) The cuff is tied 2 to 3 cm above the elbow joint of the arm.

    2. Incorrect position of the blood pressure measurement. When measuring blood pressure, the arm should be positioned correctly and the height of the sphygmomanometer, the cuff and the heart should be the same, otherwise the results will be affected.

    3. Inadequate self-preparation: being in an emotionally unstable state when measuring blood pressure, or not resting after strenuous exercise, talking while taking blood pressure, etc. will usually result in a high measured blood pressure value; (no food, water or exercise for 30 minutes before the measurement and emotional stability)

    Tip: If you are emotionally stable, the blood pressure measured will be more accurate, otherwise high mood swings will interfere with the measurement, no matter what blood pressure monitor is used.

    4. Do not compress any blood vessels on your body during the measurement. (including but not limited to stretching your legs, improper measurement position, clenching your fists, bending over, sitting cross-legged or curled up on a sofa or low table) can cause local pressure. Please take measurements in the correct sitting position (please refer to the instructions).

    5. Inaccurate measurements can also occur when the electronic blood pressure monitor is low on power (replace the batteries or use the USB cable).

    6. One inaccurate measurement does not mean an immediate alarm. Multiple measurements should be taken, each one more than one minute apart.

    7. Other cases of inaccuracy : 1 8888750846.

    When should I check my blood pressure?

    • A person's blood pressure varies throughout the day, so it is normal to get different readings at different times and on different days.
    • The best time to measure your blood pressure is within one hour of waking up in the morning, or before going to bed at night. If measuring in the morning, do so within an hour of waking up, after urinating and before breakfast (or before taking blood pressure medication if you are taking it). If measuring in the evening it is recommended to do so before going to bed. For other times of the day, it is best to measure when your body and mood are stable. It is also recommended that measurements are taken at the same time of day.
    • Factors such as caffeine, exercise, alcohol, stress levels and the time of day can all affect blood pressure. Try to take your blood pressure at the same time of day. Keep a record of all your blood pressure readings and the time of day. It can be helpful to repeat the blood pressure measurement again in 1-2 minutes and use the average of the 2 readings.

    Daily self-monitoring and recording can help you manage your health more appropriately. Having a blood pressure monitor at home can help you reduce your health care costs and reduce the number of frequent hospital visits.

    Checking your blood pressure at home is an important part of managing hypertension (High blood pressure).

    AILE blood pressure machine is compact and convenient, perfect for home use, travel carry, and office use. Easy to manage your or your family's health, you deserve it!


    Why was my blood pressure high when I was measured?

    • There are a variety of factors that can lead to high blood pressure values. Common ones include taking a measurement right after drinking coffee, taking a shower or some physical activity. Being too nervous, moving or talking during the measurement, and not having your arm at the level of your heart can lead to biased measurements.
    • It is recommended that you stay relaxed and sit quietly at the table while measuring. For other questions you can read the instructions first. If the value of multiple measurements are different, you need to measure two to three times and take the average value. If you have any questions, you can tell us.( We provide 7*24H consultation for AILE Blood Pressure monitor )
    AILE Blood Pressure Monitor, Upper Arm Large Cuff(8.7"-16.5"Adjustable)

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